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Volunteer Information

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Participation Opportunities

Our families and friends join us at the events and hang around the track while we race. We’re fortunate to have them and grateful that they want to attend, and sometimes we feel guilty that there isn’t more for them to do. Here’s a solution to undo our guilt and offer participation in the weekend from another perspective for your family and friends: Join us in a variety of opportunities to help the event run even more smoothly. Participants from ages 12 and up are welcome in such areas as:

  • Timing and Scoring
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Registration
  • Winner’s Circle Activities
  • Membership Committee

There is no preparation except the desire to learn and help and a phone call to let us know you’re interested (it’s ok, too, if you let us know at the track). Take advantage of this great way to learn about other areas of the event and racing programs while helping in areas that need it. This is a case where the more involved the merrier it will be. For more information contact the race chairman via e-mail: racechairman@junesprints.com