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Irina Bouzenkova photos www.irinaphoto.com

Help Make Our Fans Feel Special

The June Sprints® weekend has always been a special adventure in grass-roots racing for our fans. We’re asking competitors and crew members to help us create a fan-friendly paddock. If you can, take a moment to talk to spectators about your race car and your team. Explain club racing. Give them an idea of what it’s like to race at Road America. Tell them about great viewing areas. Make them feel special. They’ll appreciate your efforts to make them feel welcome. And more likely than not, they’ll be back next year.

Trackside Hospitality

The June Sprints weekend is a unique, exciting and colorful environment at which to entertain clients, business associates, customers or other people important to your business or racing effort. Break through the traditional round of golf or tickets to a football game with a day at the races they’ll always remember. Road America has arranged special hospitality and entertainment packages for June Sprints competitors and their guests. For additional information, details, questions and prices call Gail Bartelt from Road America at 1-800-365-7223.