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Chicago Region SCCA Triple Crown® Award

The Triple Crown® award recipients have accomplished a season of winning performances that include First place in class at the Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints® at Road America, winning their home division class championship, and then winning the SCCA National Championship Runoffs®.

The coveted award was formally established in 2001 and has always been part of the awards presented at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs®.

Now that the Triple Crown® has been awarded for thirteen years here is a recap. The award has been presented 51 times over that period to 41 different drivers. There have been only eight multiple winners. Niki Coello, and Michael Varacins have both won three times. In 2013, Lawrence Loshak was the first person ever to win in two different classes in the same year! Hans Peter, Brad Stout, Andy McDermid, Lawrence Loshak, Scott Rettich, and Darryl Wills have won twice. In 2008 and 2009 there were eight winners, the most in one year.

So with the Chicago Region June Sprints® on the calendar for the 2016 season we look forward to see all class winners take the first step to winning the Triple Crown®.



Chicago SCCA Triple Crown