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Chicago Region SCCA

Membership Information

Are you an automotive enthusiast interested in competition, making new friends, learning how to handle your car, family fun, social events, and seeing racing from the best seat in the house? Then the Chicago Region SCCA is for you.

SCCA : A club with many interests for all

Many-faceted in its endeavors, the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) might best be described as a service organization. It serves over 50,000 members throughout the United States by sanctioning and administering a variety of automotive-related activities through approximately 100 independently – chartered regions. No other single motor sports organization in the world conducts more events than the SCCA. These events range from SCCA amateur and professional road racing to rallies, Solo II events, hill climbs and auto shows.

The SCCA is an ever-growing organization for the automotive enthusiast. Because SCCA is member-oriented and member-operated, the club stresses participation on a broad basis. Regardless of your experience or background, if you are an automotive enthusiast there is a place for you in the SCCA.

In order to successfully sanction and conduct a comprehensive road racing program, a multitude of experts in timing, scoring, communications, safety inspection, medical, flagging, race control, and other skills are needed. Schools are held to train the workers and various degrees of worker licenses, varying from novice to chief of specialty, are awarded based on the worker’s knowledge, ability and experience.

A common interest in the love of fine automobiles has made the SCCA the most active membership participation organization in the history of motorsports.

Chicago Region

Since the 1950’s when it brought sports car racing to the Midwest, Chicago Region has been a major factor in the growth and development of the SCCA. Chicago Region is currently one of the largest and most active regions in the United States. Each year Chicago Region’s activities normally include: two drivers and workers schools – one for road racing and one for Solo II events; three regional road races; one National road race; three professional races at the famous Road America race track in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin; eight regional Solo II events; regional rallies; vintage activities; and several special events such as ice race weekend, auto shows, and an annual dinner dance. In addition, Chicago Region also conducts many social events. General membership meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month during January, April and October at 7:30 p.m. Solo meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Please visit the SCCA Chicago Region Website for exact dates and locations.

So, you wanna be a race car driver? SCCA’s guide to obtaining an Competition License

For more information about Chicago Region and the Sports Car Club of America or specific information about events, please contact:

Chicago Region:
921 Lawn Circle
Western Springs,  IL  60558
Phone: 847-729-2211

Membership Information:

Sports Car Club of America
P. O. Box 19400
Topeka, KS 66619-0400
Phone: 800-770-2055